New Updates!

New Updates!
October 19, 2023 Joel Dennis

We’re always eager to hear your feedback so we can solve issues and make improvements like these, launching today:

  • Updated: Print Key improved to represent correct answers for technology-enhanced items where possible. 
  • Updated: Flat Panel Interactives now include “There It Is!” option in the Activate menu. 
  • Updated: For convenience, all new lessons or assessments will default to the type “Assessment” 
  • Updated: An alert will be displayed for students who have unanswered questions when clicking “I’m Finished” on an assessment. 
  • Updated: “Asset Info” button for assessments in the Curricula scope and sequence, where authors and admins can share critical info on an assessment or activity. 
  • Updated: Ability for HybridTE grading sliders to be set to higher values for more granularity of partial-credit scores. 
  • Updated: Author/district-enabled “Preview Only” setting in the Curricula scope and sequence, allowing teachers to preview but not activate an assessment. 
  • Fixed: Audio was not always available for teachers previewing a question, and sometimes displayed next to a question on the student summary screen. 
  • Fixed: In the assessment authoring tool, audio added to a slide was not visibly displaying. 
  • Fixed: Scope and Sequence issue with navigation “back” button.