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We Grow Student Success...

Plot a Course. Stay On Track.

You can monitor the progress of each student and quickly detect when students are struggling with a concept. Our software is like a GPS, it will quickly alert you to which student is struggling and where, and help you guide them back on course.

Capture, Analyze, Collaborate, Intervene.

Too many times teachers are working in isolation and don't have an easy way to collaborate with other teachers around student performance. Also, when they set out to do this in a PLC or data team, the process is tedious and time consuming. The ALL In Learning Cloud with a variety of data collection options will reduce the amount of time teachers spend grading and will automatically aggregate the data so the PLC can immediately determine best practices and strategies for student intervention.

Are Your Students Getting It?

At ALL In Learning we understand the importance of formative assessment. Teachers can capture data across a variety of environments and strategies that will inform both instruction and intervention. Once the data is collected into the Cloud, instant analysis can be made on student performance. This equips teachers with real-time data that is collected in an efficient manner. Teachers can determine if students are getting it and, if they aren't, quickly respond.

The Benefits of Our Solution

Principal Faris
ALL In Learning recently sat down with principal Dr. Logan Faris to discuss his approaches to education and how ALL In Learning's solutions help his teachers and students achieve their goals.
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What Others Are Saying

  • I never really knew what my students were LEARNING, until I started using ALL In Response … and my students absolutely love to use them.
    Kaity Friday, Second Grade Teacher, Denton ISD
  • Trust me, the kids love having the weekly Math, Science, and Reading Reviews, “Clicker-Style!” They remind me everyday that it’s clicker time. Thanks again!
    Sheila Perry Roberts, Victoria ISD
  • As a classroom teacher, I was actively searching for a piece of technology that would provide instant feedback for my students and launch my classroom into the 21st century. In a technology driven society, my students needed an instructional environment that mirrored their life outside of school. All in Learning did just that. The trainers and technology support team are amazing and are there for you and your staff. There is no way I could be as effective of a teacher without All in Learning!
    Amanda Sause, Florida

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