Get a jump on planning as soon as you get your preliminary STAAR data with our quick accountability reports, great drill downs, and enhanced analysis.

“What if this had been the STAAR?”

District and campus leaders get easy-to-read domain accountability reports generated from your quality local assessments, interims, or screeners.

Immediate Data for All Stakeholders


Monitor standards with frequent data to drive growth between large assessments.


Ensure frequency of data for critical standards.


Monitor students by group.


Check for understanding with instant feedback.


Remediate / accelerate / differentiate quickly.


Streamline PLC data, collaboration & best practices

Data-Driven HQIM

Ready-to-use Integration

Ready-to-use unit assessments and exit tickets mapped to your HQIM provide terrific engagement, TEI practice, and immediate, actionable, standards-aligned data, all in one place. Teachers save time with easier grading options and grade book syncing.

Fast, Easy Data Collection

Research shows student engagement and immediate feedback are the most effective strategies for student growth. We make it easier than ever.

Student Devices

Chromebooks and other devices are easier than ever for engagement & assessment.

Instant Scanning

Teachers can grade in seconds with their phones and provide immediate feedback.


Our new ways to use clickers are loved by teachers and students for engagement & data.

The Best Tool for

SEL DATA Collection

Fast SEL Collection

Fast and simple clickers let you assess for SEL in seconds, more frequently.

Private Assessing

Students can respond honestly & privately, free from embarrassment.

Report Alongside Performance Data

SEL data is reported alongside academic performance data.

Engagement & Data, Uncomplicated

No advance prep necessary.

No logins or browsing with clickers.

Students engaged, eyes up front.

Use any curriculum or resource.

Chech for understanding in the moment and reteach/remediate.

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