Ready-To-Use Formative Curricula

Formative Curricula

Browse items and activities by grade, subject, and standard.

It’s easier than ever to engage students, get immediate data, and track daily progress.

Exit Tickets

Each exit ticket consists of 3-4 questions mapped to tested standards, making it easy for you assess frequently and spot learning gaps quickly.

These exit tickets are ideal for use with clickers, student devices, computers, and Chromebooks.

Fun Activities

The Challenge game is fun for class engagement and review using clickers and student devices.

It works like a popular TV Gameshow, it can be played as teams or individuals, and produces standards-based reports.


These key-concept lessons supplement your instructional strategies and include engaging, built-in formative assessment questions to instantly identify gaps and remediate.

Great with clickers and student devices, for teacher-guided instruction or self-paced enrichment.

Item Banks

Over 70,000 items aligned to standards for tested subjects. Search by standard or grade/subject and create quick assessments for use with clickers, student devices like smartphones or tablets, chromebooks, computers, or even for printed tests and instant bubble sheet scanning.

Reading Passages

Reading passages with associated questions, embedded vocabulary words, spanish translations, and text to speech.

Ideal for assessing with student devices like smartphones, tablets, chromebooks, and computers, or printing and assessing with instant bubble sheet scanning.

Passage of the Day

Reading engagement impacts reading growth more than socioeconomics, gender, or family structure. Reading as little as 15 minutes per day produces gains above the national average, helps growth across other subjects, and increases vocabulary.*

Passage of the Day automatically assigns a daily reading passage, including vocabulary words, spanish translations, and comprehension questions for instant, effortless remediation data. 

Your Existing Files and Resources

Import your Word, PPT, and PDF assessments. Input a key for existing printed materials or previous state tests. Use clickers or student devices with any website or ask spontaneous questions with no prep. It’s easier than ever to engage students and get immediate data, intervene instantly, and track progress. 

Hosted Items

Inquire about hosting any item banks that your institution has rights to use. They can then be used for student engagement and formative assessment with clickers, student devices (smartphones, tablets, chromebooks, and computers), and instant bubble sheet scanning for immediate intervention and standards-based student progress tracking data. 


  •  15 minutes per day reading produces notable gains. Learn more here.
  •  Science and math gains are interwoven with reading gains. Learn more here.

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