Software that lets you easily identify learning gaps every day, fully engage students, and save time.

Total Participation In-class and Remote Teachers Save Hours
See how we make it easy.

We know tracking student progress is overwhelming.

Data that is too infrequent isn’t effective

More testing decreases teaching time and increases grading time

Admins worry about asking teachers to do even more

Testimonials from Teachers

Make Data Easy

3 Steps for More Efficient Progress


Engage every student.

Get focused participation and data from every student, every day, in class or virtual. No extra prep or grading necessary.


Use instant data.

Our charts, heat maps, and standards progress trackers highlight misconceptions and learning gaps immediately.


Move forward efficiently.

Move forward as soon as the class gets a concept. Reteach in the moment, while it’s fresh. Remediate fast, with focus.

  • “The All In Learning response system has been a hit with the PLC this year… the data seemed to compile itself.”
  • “I literally use the AIL clickers in class every day to gather content mastery data.”
  • “We can quickly and easily analyze data and make changes to our instruction… we spend time where they need help not on topics they already understand.”
  • “The clickers have transformed the way we do exit tickets in my classroom.”

It’s like a fitness tracker for your classroom.

Fitness trackers let you monitor your daily activity and diet so you know how to adjust and reach your goals. ALL In Learning makes it easy for teachers to do the same thing with their students.

Are Your Students Getting It?

Today’s misconceptions don’t have to become tomorrow’s missteps.

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