Fast data for excellent schools.

Easier data collection and analysis. Higher engagement. More confident, successful students.

Integrate your data in one place for better insights and accessibility.

Bring in data from your other systems for great, accessible reports and data points alongside the easy frequent data tools they’ll be using to drive growth

  • State Assessment Data (TX)
  • Your Assessement System Data
  • Student Progress Monitoring
  • Screener Data (MAP)
  • Exit Tickets
  • Unit Assessments


Texas: STAAR Accountability Forecasts

Get a forecast of STAAR Accountability Domain 1, 2a, 2b & 3 reports using:

  • STAAR release data
  • Screener data (like MAP)
  • ALL In Learning assessments
  • Data from your 3rd-party assessment platform

Making these reports accessible and easy to read will help your team solve problems, galvanize around goals, and have no surprises come STAAR time!

Ai Grading, Writing Practice

& Insights

Grading constructed responses is time consuming and it’s tough to give fast quick feedback. But with one click, teachers can instantly get a criteria-based score for ECRs with feedback for students. Supports rubrics, multiple languages, passages, and teachers’ ability to adjust or override.

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Better Student Engagement

Fun class participation and checks for understanding for every student in no time

Multiple engaging data collection options that students love. 

Instructional leaders can easily assign formative engagement activities and monitor fidelity and growth. 

No siloed data.

Sustainable Data-Driven Practices 

Get the daily data you need without exhausting your teachers. They’ll save time, get immediate feedback, and engage students.

1.3 BILLION Questions Answered

Exit Tickets & Curriculum Assessments

HMH? Eureka? Amplify? Custom curriculum?

Host exit tickets and module assessments mapped to your curriculum in a well-organized, accessible scope and sequence, all in one place, made easier to grade for your teachers and easier to monitor for leaders. 

Supported: Technology enhanced items, instant AI-assisted grading for extended constructed responses, multiple data collection options, and time-saving grade book syncing.

SEL Engagement & Data 

Get data from a mood meter more frequently, in secondsStudents can respond honestly & privately, free from embarrassment. Survey using devices more easily than ever. Access the data alongside academic performance data.

Our Results

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The results achieved with ALL In Learning aren’t surprising in light of the body of research on student engagement, immediate feedback and short data cycles with quick remediation. We make data collection easy and helpful for teachers.

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