Texas Accountability Reports

Enhanced Texas Accountability Monitoring

Get fast, useful accountability data from:

  • Early-summer preliminary STAAR data
  • Common assessments from any platform
  • STAAR data
  • MAP data

All in one place.


Get an early-summer head start on Fall planning.

Know: “What if this common assessment had been the STAAR?”

Track growth all year long.

Quickly import your data for enhanced
accountability monitoring year round.

District-Wide STAAR Analysis

Convenient big-picture view and drill down.

Domain 1: Student Achievement

Track Achievement by Grade and Subject.

Domain 1 Drill Down

Drill down by grade and subject to individual performance groups (Does Not Meet, etc.).

Connect Accountability Data to Intervention

Identify standard(s) that needs intervention to help students improve.

Domain 2: School Progress

Tracking growth: ALL In Learning is quick and requires no effort from your team.

Domain 2a: Student Growth

Monitor student growth goals and quickly track whether students are growing.

Domain 2a: Track Out of Place Students

Identify all students not hitting growth across the campus.

Domain 3: Closing the Gaps

Track student groups to see if achievement and growth targets have been met.

Domain 3: Closing the Gaps

View student groups to see teachers, students, achievement, and growth data.

Domain 1 & 2a Data for Each Class

Teachers and admins see the achievement and growth data.

Accountability Throughout the Year

View the big picture and drill down.

MAP Data Reports, Enhanced