ALL In Cloud

ALL In Cloud

ALL In Learning’s Cloud is a daily tool for teachers and administrators to monitor student and class progress by assessment and standard.  With simple and diverse data collection strategies, teachers can easily capture and analyze student data daily and monitor student progress.


  • Drive presentations with your own lessons and presentations
  • Import from Powerpoint
  • Add spaced formative assessments
  • Easily share your presentations with colleagues
  • Use assessment content from your textbook or one of our content partners


  • Engage your students using ALL In Learning or compatible clickers.
  • Make in-the-moment decisions on whether or not to re-teach
  • Capture daily and ongoing performance data by standard
  • Conduct daily Exit Tickets, Bell Ringers, Do Nows and DOLs


  • Score student assessments immediately via compatible doc cam, phone, or  – save time and eliminate delayed results
  • Conduct short answer and rubric assessments and easily score them in ALL In Learning
  • Use student 1:1 devices for individualized and paper-free testing


  • Students by: Question, Standard
  • Class results by: Standard, Question, Students
  • PLC results to identify best practices by: Teacher, Standard, Question


  • Time on scoring, analyzing and regrouping
  • Money on paper and printing by laminating bubble sheets or using sheet protectors and dry or wet erase markers
  • No more batteries with ALL In Learning AIR LEAF or AIR ECO clickers


  • You know which students need help
  • You know where students are struggling
  • You now have TIME to help the struggling students and haven’t exhausted yourself in the process

 ALL In Cloud Annual Pricing Per Campus

  • 10 teachers $2000
  • 15 teachers $2500
  • 20 teachers $3000
  • 30 teachers $3500
  • 40 teachers $4000
  • 50 teachers $4500
  • 50+ teachers $5000

With ALL In Learning, teachers finally have a tool to capture the daily data they need for data-driven instruction, immediate feedback, ongoing data analysis, PLCs, and much more!