1-to-1 Devices and Hybrid Learning

Simple, powerful ways to use student devices for classroom participation, testing, and remediation.


  • Easy for students to use.
  • Low-prep for teachers.
  • Ask live, impromptu questions.
  • Embed videos or live streams.
  • Give immediate feedback.
  • Works with printed or digital items.
  • Integrated pre-made content.


  • Formative assessments.
  • Live participation.
  • Exit tickets, items & games.
  • Automatic “Daily Reading Passage”.
  • Common assessments.
  • Sync with systems & grade books.
  • Embed assessments in curriculum.


  • Easily identify gaps every day.
  • Provide immediate feedback.
  • Reteach in the moment.
  • Enable automatic remediation.
  • Easy-to-read reports & study guides.
  • Standards progress tracking.

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