Quick Data Cycles

Student engagement, formative assessment, and quick, data-driven remediation helps every struggling student while concepts are fresh.

ALL In Cloud

ALL In Learning’s Cloud is a daily tool for teachers and administrators to monitor student and class progress by assessment and standard.  With simple and diverse data collection strategies, teachers can easily capture and analyze student data daily and monitor student progress.


  • In-class, or distance learning, even with limited student online access
  • Easily use any content resources you already have (print, digital online, video)
  • Tens of thousands of  pre-made content assets included
  • Import Powerpoint, Word, PDF
  • Easily share lessons with team


  • Clickers (and WebClickers) offer the most effective in-class or distance engagement and feedback in study after study 
  • Student computers and smart device engagement with instant feedback
  • Make in-the-moment decisions to re-teach when needed


  • Test in class or remotely with student computers or smart devices.
  • Scan bubble sheets in seconds on smart phones
  • Easiest, quickest, most varied formative assessment tools
  • Robust common assessment tools and reports


  • Student Portal remediation and instant feedback
  • Instant data by standard, item, class, and demographic data in color reports
  • PLC tools help teams spot best practices and help students in quick data cycles
  • Immediately actionable campus and district common assessment data

With ALL In Learning, teachers finally have a tool to capture the daily data they need for data-driven instruction, immediate feedback, ongoing data analysis, PLCs, and much more!

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