Make Your Materials Formative-Rich

Make Your Materials Formative-Rich

Get Realtime Formative Data

Smart options to convert existing resources, create new ones, and get realtime formative data. 

Use Your Existing Files and Resources

Import your existing Word, PPT, and PDF assessments. Input a key for existing printed materials or previous state tests. Use any website or video resource. It’s easier than ever to engage students, get immediate data, intervene instantly, and track progress. 

Quick Authoring Tools

Easily create daily formative or common assessments from scratch or via import and distribute them to your team. Supported question types include multiple choice, yes/no, true/false, multiple correct, multipart, drag and drop, short answer, rubrics, essay, student work, file upload.

Embed Links in Curriculum, Calendars

Conveniently embed daily formative assessments in lesson plans, calendars, and other team resources for convenience and simplicity, so your team can track frequent data.

Distribute Assessments

Teams, schools, and districts can distribute common summative assessments or daily formative assessments and engagement activities for instant, continual progress tracking and data. These can be activated with time frames and limits, security features, and a host of other assessment features, and can be administered as directed with student devices, computers, clickers, bubble sheets, or submitted work.

Make Materials Easily Accessible

District users can make items and activities available for their teams to find by grade, subject, or standard in the Curricula tab, so formative daily use is even easier.

Hosted Items

Inquire about hosting any items that your institution has rights to use. Then they can then be used for making and distributing student engagement and formative activities for clickers, student devices, and instant bubble sheet scanning for immediate intervention and standards-based student progress tracking data. 

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