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1-to-1 Devices and Hybrid Learning

Simple, powerful ways to use student devices for classroom participation, testing, and remediation.


  • Easy for students to use.
  • Low-prep for teachers.
  • Ask live, impromptu questions.
  • Embed videos or live streams.
  • Give immediate feedback.
  • Works with printed or digital items.
  • Integrated pre-made content.


  • Formative assessments.
  • Live participation.
  • Exit tickets, items & games.
  • Automatic “Daily Reading Passage”.
  • Common assessments.
  • Sync with systems & grade books.
  • Embed assessments in curriculum.


  • Easily identify gaps every day.
  • Provide immediate feedback.
  • Reteach in the moment.
  • Enable automatic remediation.
  • Easy-to-read reports & study guides.
  • Standards progress tracking.

ALL In Response Clickers

The easiest way to engage students and get critical in-the-moment data without distractions.


› Identify gaps every day

Get total student participation and engagement

Give students instant feedback

Spot in-the-moment intervention opportunities

Track progress by standard


› Use with zero preparation

› Simple, non-distracting

› Use alongside WebClickers in class or remotely

› Integrated with pre-authored games, exit tickets, item banks

› Use any content, printed or digital

Engage every student for the price of one tablet.

  • 26-pad set $395 *
  • 34-pad set $495 *

* in addition to software subscription

Fast, Convenient Scanning

Grade on the spot in seconds.

Give instant feedback & identify gaps.

Sync data to your grade book.

Fast and Flexible

Many Device Options
  • Apple and Android phones and tablets
  • Mac/Windows computers with built-in cameras or doc cams
Low-Prep Assessment
  • Use digital or paper tests you already have –  just punch in a simple answer key.
  • Pick from our item banks and other pre-authored content.
  • Team members or admins can take turns making materials and sharing them.
Efficient Bubble Sheets
  • Print plain-paper bubble sheets from your account’s “Classes” tab.
  • Each sheet has a QR-Code to auto-detect student.
  • Not test-specific. Photocopy them or reuse with wet-erase markers and lamination or sheet protectors.
  • Big-bubble versions for young learners.
Question Types
  • Y/N, T/F, Multiple choice up to ABCDE, ABCD/FGHJ
  • Rubrics and written responses can be manually graded on the device/computer very easily.

Ready-To-Use Formative Curricula

Browse items and activities by grade, subject, and standard.

It’s easier than ever to engage students, get immediate data, and track daily progress.

Exit Tickets

Each exit ticket consists of 3-4 questions mapped to tested standards, making it easy for you assess frequently and spot learning gaps quickly.

These exit tickets are ideal for use with clickers, student devices, computers, and Chromebooks.

Fun Activities

The Challenge game is fun for class engagement and review using clickers and student devices.

It works like a popular TV Gameshow, it can be played as teams or individuals, and produces standards-based reports.


These key-concept lessons supplement your instructional strategies and include engaging, built-in formative assessment questions to instantly identify gaps and remediate.

Great with clickers and student devices, for teacher-guided instruction or self-paced enrichment.

Item Banks

Over 70,000 items aligned to standards for tested subjects. Search by standard or grade/subject and create quick assessments for use with clickers, student devices like smartphones or tablets, chromebooks, computers, or even for printed tests and instant bubble sheet scanning.

Reading Passages

Reading passages with associated questions, embedded vocabulary words, spanish translations, and text to speech.

Ideal for assessing with student devices like smartphones, tablets, chromebooks, and computers, or printing and assessing with instant bubble sheet scanning.

Passage of the Day

Reading engagement impacts reading growth more than socioeconomics, gender, or family structure. Reading as little as 15 minutes per day produces gains above the national average, helps growth across other subjects, and increases vocabulary.*

Passage of the Day automatically assigns a daily reading passage, including vocabulary words, spanish translations, and comprehension questions for instant, effortless remediation data. 

Your Existing Files and Resources

Import your Word, PPT, and PDF assessments. Input a key for existing printed materials or previous state tests. Use clickers or student devices with any website or ask spontaneous questions with no prep. It’s easier than ever to engage students and get immediate data, intervene instantly, and track progress. 

Hosted Items

Inquire about hosting any item banks that your institution has rights to use. They can then be used for student engagement and formative assessment with clickers, student devices (smartphones, tablets, chromebooks, and computers), and instant bubble sheet scanning for immediate intervention and standards-based student progress tracking data. 


  •  15 minutes per day reading produces notable gains. Learn more here.
  •  Science and math gains are interwoven with reading gains. Learn more here.

Make Your Materials Formative-Rich

Get Realtime Formative Data

Smart options to convert existing resources, create new ones, and get realtime formative data. 

Use Your Existing Files and Resources

Import your existing Word, PPT, and PDF assessments. Input a key for existing printed materials or previous state tests. Use any website or video resource. It’s easier than ever to engage students, get immediate data, intervene instantly, and track progress. 

Quick Authoring Tools

Easily create daily formative or common assessments from scratch or via import and distribute them to your team. Supported question types include multiple choice, yes/no, true/false, multiple correct, multipart, drag and drop, short answer, rubrics, essay, student work, file upload.

Embed Links in Curriculum, Calendars

Conveniently embed daily formative assessments in lesson plans, calendars, and other team resources for convenience and simplicity, so your team can track frequent data.

Distribute Assessments

Teams, schools, and districts can distribute common summative assessments or daily formative assessments and engagement activities for instant, continual progress tracking and data. These can be activated with time frames and limits, security features, and a host of other assessment features, and can be administered as directed with student devices, computers, clickers, bubble sheets, or submitted work.

Make Materials Easily Accessible

District users can make items and activities available for their teams to find by grade, subject, or standard in the Curricula tab, so formative daily use is even easier.

Hosted Items

Inquire about hosting any items that your institution has rights to use. Then they can then be used for making and distributing student engagement and formative activities for clickers, student devices, and instant bubble sheet scanning for immediate intervention and standards-based student progress tracking data. 

PLCs & Data Teams

Easy Collaboration

ALL In Learning facilitates the collaboration, data, and best practices for PLCs and data teams.   Sharing assessments, collecting results, and reviewing the data is simple.  Since the data collected is easy to view – see some of our sample PLC reports below, you can act quickly to intervene with the students who struggled.

Our Comprehensive Reports Provide Invaluable Data

One of the best implementations of ALL In Learning and PLCs is targeted or chunked assessments done on a regular interval – once a week or every two weeks. Ideally, assessing 3 or 4 questions per standard provides a valid sample size to identify which students have mastered the concept and which ones need intervention. When teachers have data on how the students did that week, they quickly determine what did and didn’t work and what changes should be made.

With frequent PLC data analysis, best practices within a PLC are easier to identify and replicate and much more timely.  The difficult process of “spiraling back” 6-8 weeks later is now eliminated with weekly data, analysis and remediation.

“All In Learning is a hit with our PLC … the data seems to compile itself.”

“In hybrid classes where I’ve struggled to get 100% participation, All In Learning has been amazing. I can show problems to all students and get feedback instantly and go over misconceptions.”

“I literally use ALL In Learning in class every day to gather content mastery data.”

“We can quickly and easily analyze data and make changes to our instruction… we spend time where they need help not on topics they already understand.”


For many teachers and schools, data analysis is compartmentalized to a six-weeks or quarterly assessment.

ALL In Learning brings in-depth analysis to the classroom each day. Teachers can see the same day which kids are struggling and where. The reports are instant and accessible and focused on intervention.

ALL In Learning provides simple, quick and versatile ways to collect and immediately analyze the data.

For teachers and administrators to drive student achievement and effective instruction, all stakeholders (students, teachers, and administrators) need access to daily and weekly standards-based data.  ALL In Learning provides simple, quick and versatile ways to collect and immediately analyze the data.

Now, teachers and administrators can collect and analyze data with an emphasis on intervention, grouping, and best practices.  With ALL In Learning, teachers have access to critical student performance data every time they use ALL In Learning.

Data-driven instruction requires, first and foremost, data.  ALL In Learning provides simple and powerful ways to collect that data creating substantial time savings.  Once the data is collected, teachers are equipped to make timely decisions like never before.

Instead of waiting weeks or months to “spiral” back or regroup your students, you can easily generate daily and weekly data and begin the spiraling and remediation process instantly while the information is still fresh for You and Your Students!!

The more data you collect on a student the richer the profile is for that student.  No longer will you be in the dark trying to assess a student’s mastery of a concept/standard based on their answer to only two questions on one assessment when you can see the performance over time by standard and document ongoing progress!

Quick Data Cycles

Student engagement, formative assessment, and quick, data-driven remediation helps every struggling student while concepts are fresh.

ALL In Cloud

ALL In Learning’s Cloud is a daily tool for teachers and administrators to monitor student and class progress by assessment and standard.  With simple and diverse data collection strategies, teachers can easily capture and analyze student data daily and monitor student progress.


  • In-class, or distance learning, even with limited student online access
  • Easily use any content resources you already have (print, digital online, video)
  • Tens of thousands of  pre-made content assets included
  • Import Powerpoint, Word, PDF
  • Easily share lessons with team


  • Clickers (and WebClickers) offer the most effective in-class or distance engagement and feedback in study after study 
  • Student computers and smart device engagement with instant feedback
  • Make in-the-moment decisions to re-teach when needed


  • Test in class or remotely with student computers or smart devices.
  • Scan bubble sheets in seconds on smart phones
  • Easiest, quickest, most varied formative assessment tools
  • Robust common assessment tools and reports


  • Student Portal remediation and instant feedback
  • Instant data by standard, item, class, and demographic data in color reports
  • PLC tools help teams spot best practices and help students in quick data cycles
  • Immediately actionable campus and district common assessment data

With ALL In Learning, teachers finally have a tool to capture the daily data they need for data-driven instruction, immediate feedback, ongoing data analysis, PLCs, and much more!

Teachers & Admins!

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