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Scalable formative assessment for schools and districts.

Daily Data ⋅ Various Assessment Methods ⋅ Loved by Teachers and Students


  • Daily data to benchmarks in one platform
  • TEI, security, accommodations
  • Various assessment methods


  • Embed formative assessments
  • Get curriculum usage data
  • Quickly provide remediation


  • Variety of engagement methods
  • Easy, instant data in class & virtual
  • Immediate opportunities to remediate/re-teach

Over 1.3 BILLION Questions Answered


District SIS rostering, gradebook syncing, and single sign-on integrations make your team more efficient and connected.

We integrate with these providers plus more.

99.9% Uptime

Highest standard of service reliability.

Real Time Daily Data

  • Standards progress trackers for district, campus, teachers, students, and families
  • Accountability reporting
  • PLC collaboration and identifying of best practices
  • Teacher usage and formative student engagements
  • Real-time daily formative data dashboard
  • Various easy, time-saving, engaging data collection methods

PLC Collaboration 

  • Instant, collated, easy-to-read PLC heatmap reports
  • Instantly identify misconceptions & struggling students
  • Reduce stress with quick data cycles and remediation
  • Collaborate to close gaps as a team
  • Identify effective instructional practices
  • Mastery Process feature
  • Easily share responsibilities and collaborate


“The data seems to compile itself.  We’re able to compare classes and discuss strengths and weaknesses with data.  The same information the administration requested is now truly at our fingertips.” – Amy, 8th Grade Math, FL

Assessment Solution

  • From formative dailies to benchmarks
  • Distribute by grade, subject, tag, or create/modify lists
  • Security options, start/end dates, and timed testing
  • Robust reporting with definable district-wide cut scores
  • Remediation capabilities
  • Accommodations such as text to speech
  • District rubric library
  • Variety of assessment and scoring methods


  • Embed formative activities in curriculum, scope & sequence, and lesson plans
  • Realtime reports on daily curriculum usage
  • Identify struggling students quickly and provide intervention
  • Quickly measure effectiveness of classroom instruction
  • Increase efficiency by identifying best practices
  • Easily make your resources formative & technology enhanced
  • Over 70,000 standards-aligned items, pre-authored activities, exit tickets, passages
  • District asset hosting 

Distance Learning

  • Real-time engagement and formative questions during remote sessions
  • Use easily with Zoom, Teams, and Meet
  • Live engagement, feedback, and accountability
  • Mix methods for hybrid settings 

Student Engagement

  • Research ( shows student engagement and data-driven immediate feedback are the most effective strategies for student growth. 
  • Pre-authored games and activities by standard
  • Flexible no-prep engagement options to get data, link to standards
  • Reports on engagement activities
  • Flexible real-time engagement even for remote instruction
  • One platform with various easy methods to get data out of “silos” 

Results and Reliability

  • 99.9% service uptime, the highest industry standard 
  • 1.33 billion questions answered
  • Case Study: At-risk schools that use AIL grow 26.7% on state tests (?) (
  • Case Study:  Large district reduces at-risk school list by 93% (
  • Testimonials: Teachers and leaders love ALL In Learning

Affordable Pricing

  • District pricing
  • Equip a full classroom with response pads for the cost of one single tablet. 
  • Save Paper savings per year for bubble sheet scanning
  • Put FAMIS numbers, any other other purchasing methods in?
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Technology Enhanced Items

It’s easy to make your questions technology enhanced.
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  • “In hybrid classes where I’ve struggled to get 100% participation, All In Learning has been amazing. I can show problems to all students and get feedback instantly and go over misconceptions.”
  • “All In Learning is a hit with our PLC … the data seems to compile itself.”
  • “I literally use ALL In Learning in class every day to gather content mastery data.”
  • “We can quickly and easily analyze data and make changes to our instruction… we spend time where they need help not on topics they already understand.”
  • “ALL In Learning has transformed the way we do exit tickets in my classroom.”

3 Steps for More Efficient Progress


Engage every student.

Get focused participation, accountability, and data from every student. In-class and virtual. No extra prep or grading.


Use instant data.

Our charts, heat maps, and standards trackers identify misconceptions and learning gaps immediately.


Move forward efficiently.

Move forward as soon as the class “gets it.” Reteach in the moment when they don’t. Intervene fast.