Data in the NOW

For many teachers and schools, data analysis is compartmentalized to a six-weeks or quarterly assessment. ALL In Learning brings in-depth analysis to the classroom each day. Teachers can see the same day which kids are struggling and where. The reports are instant and accessible and focused on intervention.

Drive Student Success

For teachers and administrators to drive student achievement and effective instruction, all stakeholders (students, teachers, and administrators) need access to daily and weekly standards-based data.  ALL In Learning provides simple, quick and versatile ways to collect and immediately analyze the data.



Now, teachers and administrators can collect and analyze data with an emphasis on intervention, grouping, and best practices.  With ALL In Learning, teachers have access to critical student performance data every time they use ALL In Learning.

Valuable Data in an Instant!

PLC Reports_CircleData-driven instruction requires, first and foremost, data.  ALL In Learning provides simple and powerful ways to collect that data creating substantial time savings.  Once the data is collected, teachers are equipped to make timely decisions like never before.

Instead of waiting weeks or months to “spiral” back or regroup your students, you can easily generate daily and weekly data and begin the spiraling and remediation process instantly while the information is still fresh for You and Your Students!!

The more data you collect on a student the richer the profile is for that student.  No longer will you be in the dark trying to assess a student’s mastery of a concept/standard based on their answer to only two questions on one assessment when you can see the performance over time by standard and document ongoing progress!

Reports for Every Situation

  • “In hybrid classes where I’ve struggled to get 100% participation, All In Learning has been amazing. I can show problems to all students and get feedback instantly and go over misconceptions.”
  • “I literally use ALL In Learning in class every day to gather content mastery data.”
  • “All In Learning is a hit with our PLC … the data seems to compile itself.”
  • “We can quickly and easily analyze data and make changes to our instruction… we spend time where they need help not on topics they already understand.”
  • “ALL In Learning has transformed the way we do exit tickets in my classroom.”