Realtime Scanning

Fast, Convenient Scanning

Grade on the spot in seconds.

Give instant feedback & identify gaps. 

Sync data to your grade book.

Fast and Flexible

Many Device Options:

  • Apple and Android phones and tablets
  • Mac/Windows computers with built-in cameras or doc cams

Low-Prep Assessment:

  • Use digital or paper tests you already have –  just punch in a simple answer key.
  • Pick from our item banks and other pre-authored content.
  • Team members or admins can take turns making materials and sharing them.

Efficient Bubble Sheets:

  • Print plain-paper bubble sheets from your account’s “Classes” tab.
  • Each sheet has a QR-Code to auto-detect student.
  • Not test-specific. Photocopy them or reuse with wet-erase markers and lamination or sheet protectors.
  • Big-bubble versions for young learners.

Question Types:

  • Y/N, T/F, Multiple choice up to ABCDE, ABCD/FGHJ
  • Rubrics and written responses can be manually graded on the device/computer very easily.