ALL In News

Thursday September 29, 2011

Stay in the loop and up to the minute on new features, improvements, and information you need.

These new features and improvements are live today!

New Web Scan It and Web Tap It Interfaces

We’ve made some big changes to Web Scan It and Web Tap It! In the process of making Web Scan It recognize students by their QR codes, we took the opportunity to make grading prettier and more streamlined. This is a significant change to some core features, so take a moment to try it out!

Campus Custom Export Formats for Footprints

For more convenience and compatibility with various grade book software, now customers can call ALL In Learning customer support to set footprint exports to generate CSV files for their campus in a certain layout. Thanks to Anna Sexton at Northside ISD for this request.

Classes Tab Rearranging

Now that teachers will often visit the Student Roster tab to print bubble sheets, we made this tab the default, instead of the Class Info tab. Always trying to make life easier for teachers.

Improvements to the Cloud

We’ve had our heads in the cloud this month, making architectural improvements that will give us more consistent performance and immediate data availability for all users.

CPS Numeric Responses

We spent some time with an old friend, and improved how numeric responses are imported during CPS imports.

More States, More Standards

As we continue to grow, we’ll add standards for more states. We’ve added Ohio and Colorado this time around. Soon, the whole country… then the whole WORLD! Muahahahaaa!

Enhancements and Fixes

When a problem is reported, we fix it asap. This is one of the great things about a true cloud based solution. This month we deployed a couple of hot fixes for reported bugs and made several minor enhancements to class creation, campus student importing, browser compatibility, login timeout consistency, report displays, blueprint attachments, and small elements in the user interface.

Coming soon …

New Bubble Sheets

Not all bubbles get filled in the same way. Some look like an ink cannon blasted them at point blank range, and others have such faint pencil marks that you can barely see them.

In our efforts to provide better scanning performance for light pencil bubbles, we’ve got a couple of changes coming that you might need to know about:

In a couple of weeks we’ll be putting up new bubble sheets and updating PLUS and ASSIST. If you’ve printed a supply of bubble sheets from our site, we recommend you use them up and be ready for the change. We’ll send you an email a couple of days before the new software goes into effect with details on the changeover, so you can transition smoothly. If you are using laminated sheets provided by us, you will still be able to use those. This change will apply to both PLUS and ASSIST, so ASSIST users will want to update as well.

That’s it for this edition of ALL In News. If you would like more information on how to use any of the features listed here, please feel free to shoot me an email or call!