ALL In News

Friday October 21st, 2011

Stay in the loop and up to the minute on new features, improvements, and information you need.

These new features and improvements are live today!

New Bubble Sheets!

In the last edition of ALL In News was a “coming soon” notice that we would be releasing new and improved bubble sheets, along with better scanning performance. The time is here!

Please note:

  • Print new printed bubble sheets from the ALL In Learning website or from your PLUS account.

  • Discard older versions of bubble sheets and take advantage of the new ones!

  • This change doesn’t effect the laminated sheets provided by ALL IN Learning. Carry on!

60-Question Bubble Sheets are Here!

Yes, now when you go to your Classes tab and click “Print Bubble Sheets” you will have a choice of “40 Questions” and “60 Questions.” Thank you Madison County ISD for your cooperation in making this happen!

Export Reports as a Spreadsheet

The reports in PLUS are helpful and pretty, but what if you need more options — like removing student names or highlighting data for a presentation? Now there’s an Export button under most reports, which exports the viewed report to a spreadsheet. From there you can do whatever you like with it in Excel, Google Spreadsheets, etc.  Thank you Paul Passmore and Eastern Hills High School for this request!

Safer Saving of Blueprints

Nothing breaks our hearts like seeing a user lose their work because they forgot to save it. To prevent this we already use incremental auto-saving during grading and blueprint editing. To make your masterpieces even safer, we now prompt you to save new blueprints as the first step.

Improvements to Usability

We’ve been hearing voices again. Some of them are real, and they helped us improve the Blueprints tab layout, add an Insert Video button in the YouTube search dialog, make adding students to a class more clear, fix student roster sorting, improve the interface for district administrators, and make naming of exports more helpful. Thank you Madison County ISD, Northside ISD, and Dana Vick, for your voices!

Performance and Stability Enhancements

Like any true nerds, we are obsessed with things like data security, transfer rates, and Star Wars. The fruits of our geekiness this month include more reliability in the Assessment Key Generator, improved rendering in IE 7 and 8, preventing deletion of student names while editing, keeping students from being added twice to the same class, and fixing a class deletion issue — all with zero lightsaber-fight injuries. Thank you Luke Tevebaugh and Northside ISD for sharing the nerdiness with us.

That’s it for this edition of ALL In News. If you would like more information on how to use any of the features listed here, please feel free to shoot me an email or call!