ALL In News

Tuesday December 6th, 2011

Stay in the loop and up to the minute on new features, improvements, and information you need.

These great new improvements and features will be live tonight!

New “Student Feedback” Report

Often you want a quick, confidential way to show a student what they missed. We’ve made a handy report for that, available in your Footprints tab!

Special thanks to Debbie Williamson at Madison County SD, Velvet Dow at South Grand Prairie HS, and Lisa Nance from Southwood HS for their input.

Better Highlighting of Anomalies During Scanning

Sometimes a student doesn’t fill in bubbles or they fill in more than one bubble for a question, and you need to manually decide how to handle it. In this release we’ve improved the way Web Scan It will bring your attention to these anomalies so they aren’t overlooked. Thanks to Madison County SD for their contributions to this feature.

Improved Standards Labels and Navigation

We’ve upgraded the labeling and layout of our standards libraries to make them easier and more useful than ever. Every state’s standards documents have their own personality, like children, and some think the rules should be different for them. With some attention and clever maneuvers, we’ve got them all singing a beautiful melody. Special thanks to Karen F. at Madison SD, Jeremy S. at Longridge Elementary, Diane Ross, and others for their indispensable feedback.

Assign Shared Blueprints to Specific PLC’s

When you share blueprints now, you will have the ability to “push” the blueprint into the My Blueprints section for members of professional learning communities you are part of. This feature will be great in the hands of a team lead or administrator sharing common assessments and lessons.

Other Fixes and Improvements

Among these exciting big features are many smaller interface and stability improvements in the Assessment Generator, consistency of standards labels, footprint uploads, and more.

Coming soon…

Download Slides from PLUS Into ASSIST

When the new version of ASSIST becomes available in the App Store, you will be able to download slides from PLUS into your iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch. The possibilities of this feature for instruction are incredible, from using your own notes to controlling displayed presentations with your iPad. We’ll be excited to tell you more about this feature as it’s released.

That’s it for this edition of ALL In News. If you would like more information on how to use any of the features listed here, please feel free to shoot me an email or call!