ALL In News

Monday March 5th, 2012

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These great new features and improvements are now available!

Add Standards After Assessment

ALL In Learning is so powerful when used often — weekly and daily — for identifying students or subjects that need attention and applying extra care while it’s relevant. With this new feature, you can add (or edit) standards to an assessment after the fact, making it convenient to go back and see how students are tracking toward your long term standards goals. You can make a quick key by your method of choice, take a quiz, and worry about aligning standards later! You can find this feature in the Footprints tab of your PLUS account by selecting “Edit Key in the “Actions” menu next to your footprint.


Blueprint Automatic Question Numbering Improved

We love constructive feedback from our users. For example, Jeremy S. in New York pointed out that it can be difficult to tell which slide is which on the left side of the screen in the Blueprint editor, so we gave each slide a prominent “Q1, Q2” indicator that auto-adjusts to the order being changed. This makes inserting, rearranging, or creating different versions of a test more intuitive. Thanks Jeremy!


Student Import Easier

Admins have always been able to import all the students for a campus in their Administration tab, to make student information show up as teachers start typing student names in their rosters. Well, we’ve updated the import wizard to reduce confusion and to work even faster.


Other Fixes and Improvements

PLUS had several upgrades and fixes in the last few weeks, including: Giving Team Leaders editing authority of any PLC they are in, speeding up loading of slides for ASSIST, and updating training links on our website. Thanks to Allen at CFISD.

That’s it for this edition of ALL In News. If you would like more information on how to use any of the features listed here, please feel free to shoot me an email or call!