It’s Ground-Breaking

ALL In Learning is pleased to introduce another ground-breaking app called Engage & Learn. Using any camera-based iOS device, teachers can leverage learning activities for individuals, small groups, or the entire class. Teachers will be able to execute numerous instructional and assessment strategies for their classes using Engage and Learn.


Engage and Learn is… Simple!

There are no usernames and passwords for students to remember. They simply take a picture of their QR code with the app and select the assessment or learning activity to utlize. Light on your bandwidth! Engage and Learn will quickly download the learning activity/assessment to the iOS device. The students then take the assessment, with the teacher-selected options, and the results are uploaded upon completion. Teachers can see the students results after they are uploaded and intervene with individuals or the entire class.


Use Engage & Learn in the following environments:

1 to many – allow students individually or as a team answer questions for self-paced remediation or as part of a group activity. Also, students can scan their own answer sheet (reducing the grading burden) and receive teacher-designated custom feedback from the app.

1 to 1 – students can tap in their answers to a formative assessment, homework, quiz or collaborative activity with the tap it interface which is a virtual bubble sheet.

1 to 1+ – coming in June teachers can import slides (instructional and/or assessment) from ppt or ExamView and make those available to students to answer questions on the device. This scenario supports self-paced review and assessment strategies as well as a completely green solution that frees up the computer labs! Try it out today!



Test drive the Engage & Learn 1.0 Student App


1. Download the app from the Apple App store – Engage & Learn by ALL In Learning

2. Start the Engage & Learn app and scan the QR code below – today you are Albert Einstein

3. You will see a list of activities from your teacher, Donna Addams, on your app. Select one and download it.

4. Select the corresponding activity from the list below on this web page – you are ready to score –simple!






5. Tap in your answer with Engage & Learn and then tap Score to see how you did, Albert

6. After scoring you can discover answers to missed questions by tapping on various answers – you will probably have no need for that Albert
7. Ms. Addams has activated these for your practice and your results won’t be uploaded to our cloud. Have fun.
8. When finished, you can easily start a new learning activity and download another activity from the list.