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Friday July 6, 2012

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Big News:

New Response Pad System,  Affordable for Every Classroom

It has been an eventful week here at ALL In Learning. We are excited to have announced ALL In Response, our new, battery-free, innovative classroom response pad system for UNDER $300. We’ve also launched a new website — check it out for more details. While you’re there, sign up for the “Share and Win” contest for a chance to win your school a subscription to ALL In Learning, five ALL In Response systems, and an iPad!

These great new features and improvements are now available as well!


Import a PowerPoint® Presentation

Many of you were excited that we can import your ExamView® tests for use with the ALL In system. Well, we can import more than just questions. You can now create Blueprints by importing your existing PowerPoint® presentations!

Once the presentation is uploaded, you’re ready to add questions to the presentation, share it with other educators in your professional community, and even activate it for students to download the Engage & Learning iOS app for content-rich RTI.

Click on “Create New” on the Blueprints tab and choose to import from PowerPoint™®.

Then, just follow the instructions select the .PPTX file from your hard drive to upload. It’s that easy.

New: Print QR Codes for use with the Engage & Learn iOS app

Print out a copy for your students and put them in the front of a class binder. Any time you have an Engage & Learn activity for them, they just scan that copy of their QR code to find all of the materials that have been activated for their use.

Other Fixes and Improvements

In our on-going improvements category, we have some changes related to creating quick keys and downloading slides built for Engage & Learn.

ALL In Tips and Tricks

We’ve just added a nifty little menu option in our blueprint editor that converts a regular old slide into a question.

You’ve used the new import PowerPoint® feature. The presentation you’ve imported already had several questions built into it. You’d like for your students to actually answer those questions in Engage & Learn. Set it up by following these simple steps:

  1. Be sure and insert an assessment Building Block just after the “Lesson topic” building block at the top of the presentation. I’ve inserted an SA building block here:

  1. Now you can find those slides in the slide navigator on the left-hand side of the screen, right-mouse on the slide, and choose “Convert Slide to Question”.

That’s it. Now your students can respond to the questions embedded within your existing presentation.