NEW FEATURES & UPGRADES: Clever Auto-Sync, Other Improvements

NEW FEATURES & UPGRADES: Clever Auto-Sync, Other Improvements
August 30, 2012 Joel Dennis

ALL In News

Thursday, August 30th, 2012

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These great new features and improvements are now available!

Ability to Auto-Import Teachers, Students, and Classes

ALL In Learning has partnered with a very clever company called Clever to give your campus the option to automatically import (and maintain) all of your teacher accounts, students, and class rosters from your SIS into ALL In Learning. Clever makes this setup super simple for you, and we offer this integration for an additional $350 per year. If your campus would like to opt in for this automated data upkeep feature, please let us know!


User Interface Fixes and Improvements

Over the last month we’ve made many user interface improvements and stability enhancements throughout the ALL In Cloud. Places to check out are the Blueprint Editor, Blueprints tab, Manage My Account, the PLC tab, Mastery Process, and the Classes tab.


ALL In Response Integration

One of our most anticipated features ever is our upcoming ALL In Response (AIR) clicker systems, the ability to do ad hoc questions in class to check understanding, and soon thereafter the ability to use embedded clicker questions in your Blueprints. We are still hard at work on this project and soon will announce that it’s ready!

ALL In Tips and Tricks

Convert PPT Files into PPTX Files

Starting with PowerPoint 2007, Microsoft switched from a PPT to a PPTX file format, and this is the format ALL In Learning can import. If you have a PPT file you want imported into ALL In Learning, converting it is simple.

Ways to convert PPT files to PPTX files:

  • Open it in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 or 2010, click File>Save As…, and choose “PowerPoint Presentation (.pptx)” as your output type.

  • Open it with Google Presentation, click File>Download As, and choose “Microsoft PowerPoint (pptx)”

  • Convert multiple files at once by trying batch PPT-to-PPTX conversion software. There are many products available online.