ALL In News

Wednesday August 15, 2012

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These great new features and improvements are now available!


Mastery Process Email Alerts for Admins

PLCs and data teams are finding ALL In Learning a dream come true, and our new Mastery Process tools finally make mastery learning principles easy to apply. With this release, curriculum coordinators and other campus admins can receive automatic email alerts when a Mastery process has been completed, seeing detailed standards comprehension information and instructional strategies used.

The email alert will include a detailed PDF file that details the pre-test and post-test results, strategies used for different student groups, detailed teacher notes, and a summary like this:


Print ALL In Response Pad Number List

In your Classes tab you’ll now see a new option to print an “ALL In response pad number list.” This is to support our upcoming ALL In Response clicker systems, which work seamlessly with ALL In Learning.

Other Fixes and Improvements

The elves are constantly hard at work, and this month they’ve made more improvements to Mastery Process, Blueprint copying and sharing, and several user interface enhancements.

ALL In Tips and Tricks

Did you know that many ALL In teachers give their students little bubble-sheet-based pop quizzes on the fly? They use textbook questions or write them on the board and quickly create their answer key in ALL In Learning while students work. Kids race each other to the front of the class to get their sheets scanned, find out how they did, and go correct their missed questions!