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Friday, May 24, 2013

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These great new features and improvements are now available!

Engage & Learn and ASSIST Infrastructure Upgrades

We have recently released an upgraded Engage & Learn app for iOS devices, including a version specifically for the iPad. Now we’ve made both Engage & Learn and ASSIST faster, fixed bugs, and improved how slides display.

Get the new Engage & Learn for iPhone in iTunes here
Get the new Engage & Learn for iPad in iTunes here

Tagging on Lesson Properties Now Auto-Completes When You Type

Tags are an incredibly helpful and flexible way to make Lessons, Assessments and Reports easy to find and group together. By making the tags field remember what you’ve typed in the past, we’ve helped your tagging to be more consistent and convenient; and your searches for those lessons and reports more fruitful than ever before.
Watch for this new tagging interface to start showing up in other places throughout the ALL In Cloud!


ALL In Learning’s ability to smoothly communicate with SchoolObjects:aware is ready for demonstration! While eduphoria! has not yet released their new API interface for collecting data with third parties like us, we are ready to demo this to our customers. We will start setting up demos in the next couple of weeks.

Improvements to Reports

Our new Profiles reports are incredibly useful for seeing how students are doing over time, and for seeing gaps in what standards you’ve covered over a time period, and we made some improvements to make the interface a little more clear. We also made grade exports with placeholders work better and aggregated reports for admins.