Thursday, February 13, 2014

These new features and upgrades are now available!

Printing Upgrades!

Improved Report Printing for All!
Teacher accounts got the upgrades first a few weeks ago , while admins and PLCs could only look on with jealousy at the new colors, the lack of annoying scroll bars, and all the data fitting on the page so pretty. Today, we bring this bitter rivalry to an end, by giving Administrator accounts and PLCs theĀ  same new reporting engine for all their reports!

plc item analysis students


Printing Assessments is Better, Too!
A couple of months ago we introduced huge improvements to the way assessments print. We’ve made it even sweeter now with the new Print Aspect Ratio feature that will take advantage of the whole width of the printed page.

print aspect ratio

printing assessments


We HEARD You! Here’s Your Student Feedback Print-One-Per-Page Option!
Our student feedback report is very popular for giving students immediate feedback in a format that lets them go work on what they missed. It used to print one student per page, but many users requested that be changed to conserve paper… so we changed it to print one after another and conserve paper. Then immediately, we got flooded with requests to change it back, from teachers who like using the full page reports to write notes to students or parents, to have them show their work as they make corrections, and all kinds of other great ideas.

We LOVED hearing from you, and we’ve now given you BOTH options when you choose to print your student feedback reports!


Default Values for Engage & Learn Options
We’ve looked at how Engage & Learn is being used, and for your convenience we’ve set up some defaults based on the most popular options to save you some time. Just thinkin’ about cha!

Improved Sorting when Selecting Standards
We had an annoying little problem way down in some of our standards windows, where a couple of standards could be listed out of order. Aint nobody got time for that! So, we’ve dramatically improved the way standards display to avoid this problem and help you locate your standards more quickly!