Press Release: Over 120 Million Questions Graded with ALL In Learning Platform for Data Driven Instruction

The ALL In Learning platform, designed to make frequent data collection easy, has now been used to grade over 120 million questions – that’s right, over 120 million!

With affordable clicker systems, doc-cam- and iOS-device-based bubble sheet scanning, and paperless student-device testing, an estimated 30,000 cumulative hours has been saved with ALL In Learning compared with traditional grading.  The time-saving effect is part of ALL In Learning’s mission to make data collection so easy — and even fun for students and teachers – that schools can become data-driven cultures, informed daily in their instruction and intervention decisions by realtime comprehension data linked to standards.

Research shows that daily data collection and quick intervention is the most effective of all the nationally-proposed education reform strategies for effecting student performance across all demographics, and it’s easy to understand why: Compare the teeth of someone who gets frequent checkups to someone who only goes to the dentist every 5 years. Catching problems early changes the outcome, and you can only catch problems early with frequent, regular checkups.

It’s never been this easy to capture frequent, useful data to spot misconceptions as soon as they happen — before a student begins to feel disconnected. Many of these questions were captured with clickers as in-class “quick checks for understanding,” daily “demonstrations of learning,” “exit tickets,” or “bell ringers.” Others were bubble-sheet chapter quizzes dropped into paper trays under doc cams and instantly scanned, or common assessments taken by PLCs/data teams. All these grading methods feed into a beautiful report engine that instantly makes clear to teachers, teams, and admins, what topics need re-teaching or which students are behind.

“We are pleased to see the usage of this platform to impact instruction,” says Dr. Darrell Ward, CEO of ALL In Learning.  “Our vision of frequent student engagement is clearly evolving as we surpass 120 million questions in a very short period of time.  We appreciate and thank those educators that are daily engaging their students to learn via assessment-for-learning activities.”