Tuesday July 29th, 2014

These great features and improvements are now available!

Improved Student Management Tools for Admins
We’ve made some big improvements to the way admins can manage their student populations in ALL in Learning. Our CSV import tool has been updated, admins can now manually add or edit student records, and the ability for teachers to be able to modify student records can be enabled or disabled.

       Admin Tools

Item Banks with Clickers On-the-Fly

It’s pretty easy to ask an On-the-Fly clicker question to see how every student understands the subject matter, but it’s about to get even easier! If your school has uploaded or purchased item banks, those ready-to-go questions are available from a button right on the clicker window, with zero setup time!

Mastery Process Pre- and Post-Test Selection Made Simpler
We’ve refined how Pre- and Post-Tests are selected in the Mastery Process, so that active tests distributed from admins are easily selectable.

Plus More…
We are always upgrading our interface and making things faster, easier, and better. In this release we’ve made improvements to grading interfaces, clicker interfaces, Mastery Process interface, and report exports.