Thursday November 20th, 2014

These great features and improvements are now available!

New Reports!
Powerful, easy-to-read reports are at the heart of ALL In Learning, and we are always excited to bring you more of them! Here are the new reports now available:

  • For teachers: The Sub-Group Analysis Report shows you how different demographic groups performed on an assessment and even on each standard.


  • For PLCs/Data Teams: The Item Analysis and Item Analysis Table View reports show how the entire PLC performed on each question in two very informative layouts.


  • For Campus Admins:  The Standards Performance by Teacher (Data Wall) Report gives you an at-a-glance view of standards comprehension broken down by teacher.

New Campus Administrator Tools

Administrators now have the ability to log in as any teacher on their campus. This can be helpful in many ways! (For example, if a teacher is out and bubble sheets need to be printed for their class!)

Ability to Change Question Weighting After the Fact
Edit key & Standards is the place to make corrections to a key after report data has already been generated – without having to rescan or re-grade! With this update, we’ve added the ability to edit question weighting. You get to this feature by going to the Reports tab, clicking Actions, and selecting Edit key & Standards.


Plus More!
In addition to these major features, we’ve made many other upgrades, like preventing accidental editing of a lesson that has report data, improvements to the Manage Account screen, and making printing work better.