The All In Learning response system has been a hit with the PLC this year.

We started taking data at the beginning of the school year by giving paper and pencil (or scantron) pretests. We collected many pieces of data this way throughout each unit. As a group, we discussed our data. It was very time consuming and frustrating.

Once we started using the clickers, the data seemed to compile itself. We were able to compare classes and discuss strengths and weaknesses with data and graphs from the cloud. The same information the administration requested was now truly at our fingertips. Other PLCs were now jealous of our data collection system and hope to see this product/program used throughout the school.

Our students enjoy the instant feedback the clicker system provides. They like to compete with other classes and they started setting goals for themselves without teacher prompting. Upon entering the classroom, students ask if we are going to use clickers and when the answer is no they get upset. We often use them for quick grading of pretests, tickets out, and reviews. Student performance increases and frustration lessens for the teachers.

Amy Schuck
8th Grade Math
Broward County, Florida