I am really excited about what we can do with this software. Technology is best applied in the classroom when it becomes a seamless process to use. A year and half into all in learning it is becoming a seamless application for general assessments and as we get more familiar with the mastery process, it too will increase in value as it becomes “seamless”. As teachers become more familiar with the program, we are becoming more efficient at using the data to our instructional advantage. What you guys at all in learning are doing for us is incredible because you are working so hard to make assessments easy to develop, administer and generate results. I know that you have already done all of the academic research on this software, but from a classroom teacher’s perspective, technology works the best when it is not an add-on in the classroom. That is what my “research” has discovered and that is what I like about all-in and the clicker system will enhance these opportunities even further. If we can ever help promote your products, just let us know. Your company has been generous to us, so I (we) are certainly willing to give back when we can.

Stephen Crouse
World History
Madison County High School