ALL In Learning and Scientific Minds have partnered to provide vocabulary from Scientific Mind’s Elementary Science Starters to the All In Cloud.  The All In Learning Assessment for Learning Platform supports teachers to capture data across a variety of environments and strategies that will inform both instruction and intervention.  Both companies are focused on real-time data collection as a critical dimension to science education.

Scientific Minds will provide over 400 vocabulary components to the All In Cloud.  Kathy Reeves, founder and President, states, “We are very excited about the opportunity to provide valuable science assessments for the ALL In Learning system.  Coupled with the graphic-rich assessments from our Science Starters, the innovative features of the ALL In Learning system provide powerful and immediate feedback to drive instruction and intervention. ”

Dr. Darrell Ward, CEO of ALL In Learning, says, “ALL In Learning is delighted to partner with Scientific Minds.  Scientific Mind’s passion for science, young students and learning is exceptional and ALL In Learning is pleased to be able to host and support the valuable vocabulary components of their Elementary Science Starters.  Engaging young learners with exciting and graphical assessment items using the ALL In Learning platform and providing assessment for learning activities to impact young science students with the Scientific Mind content is a unique opportunity for science teachers to utilize data driven instruction.”

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