Wednesday August 11th, 2015

These great new improvements and features are now live!


New Browser Plugin and Google Chrome Extension
Since Google Chrome has stopped supporting traditional browser plugins, we’ve released our new install that will work with Chrome, as well as supporting some new features in all browsers. You’ll be prompted to install it next time you try to grade or use the document camera – it’s quick and simple to install!

                     add extension screen


More Bubble Sheet Types!
By popular request, you now have 4-part ABCD and alternating ABCD/FGHJ bubble sheets in 20, 40, 60, and 100-question varieties!

                    ABCDFGHJ bubble sheet


Better Organization of Your Lessons
We’ve made a lot of improvements to the Lessons/Assessments tab, giving you the ability to select multiple lessons at once to delete them, or move them to the new custom folders you create to organize them into!

                    lessons folders

Omit Questions
Admins and assessment owners will be able to omit questions from assessments after the fact using the Edit Key & Standards feature. This will remove the question entirely from grading, and it will apply across shared assessments.



Longitudinal Reporting By Date Range, Standard, and Student
The Profiles tab of teacher reports gives you great new views of how students are performing over time.

           longitudinal report img


Creating and Moving Teacher Accounts
In campus admins’ Administration tab there is now an “Add” button in the Teachers & Admins area which can invite teachers to create accounts if they don’t have one, or initiate moving their account if it needs to be brought over from a different campus.

           add teachers


Practice Mode for Clickers
In Practice Mode, students can go through an assessment at their own pace and attempt questions until they get the correct answer before moving on to the next question.


One-Click Login with Google or Facebook
Now you can link your ALL In Learning login to your Facebook or Google account, making your ALL In Learning sign in super easy with one click!



Mastery Process – Custom Mastery Levels
Each Mastery Process can now have its own customizable mastery level labels and ranges.

                mastery levels

Easier-to-Read Reports
By popular request, we’ve made reports easier to read when scrolling, by locking the top row labels and name column. No more losing your place as you scroll!

scrolling reports

Automatic Yearly Reports Cleanup

We’ve automatically archived reports from last year to give users a fresh clean Reports tab to start the 20215-2016 school year. Coming soon will be new reports that let you drill back into that archived data.