NEW FEATURES & UPGRADES: Student Portal with Reports, Remediation, & Email-Your-Teacher; Wide-Screen Reports View; New Mac Plugin; Import from Word; Improved Home Screen; and more!

NEW FEATURES & UPGRADES: Student Portal with Reports, Remediation, & Email-Your-Teacher; Wide-Screen Reports View; New Mac Plugin; Import from Word; Improved Home Screen; and more!
October 29, 2015 Joel Dennis

Thursday October 29th, 2015

These great new improvements and features are now live!

New Student Portal!

Our newly redesigned Student Portal is easier to use and has great new features letting students take assessments, see reports, receive remediation, and email their teacher with questions. It’s simple for them to sign into on any web-enabled device using their QR code!

You can learn more about the Student Portal here.



Student Remediation, Made Super Easy!

In the Reports tab for teachers, there’s now a “Remediate” option in the “Actions” menu, which will automatically post a remediation activity for each student to access with their web-enabled device or iOS device. You’ll have options on what they can see, and once they finish you’ll have a separate report for the remediation activity!

You can learn more about how remediation works here.


Reports Now in Wide-Screen
We have lots of easy, engaging ways to gather data from students, but the data itself is what gives you the insight and power to impact student learning in real time. For this reason, making reports as awesome as possible is always on our minds. In this release, a significant change to the layout of reports moves the tabs to the top to make all reports much wider and easier to read!

           new student feedback report with labels


New Plugin for Mac!

We’ve released our latest plugin for Mac to enable users of Firefox and Safari for Mac to grade all of the same bubble sheets available on the PC side (100 questions, alternating rows, etc.). Next time Mac users activate a lesson they’ll be prompted to upgrade if they haven’t already. It’s quick and simple to do!


Import from Word

By popular request, we’ve created an easy way for you to get your lessons and assessments from Word format into ALL In Learning. With a few formatting tweaks to tell us what are questions, correct answers, etc., we make importing Word documents into native ALL In Learning lessons a snap!

You can learn more about how Importing from Word works here.

             import word


New District Admin Report: District Standards by Campus

This new report can help district admins quickly see how each campus is performing across the standards in an assessment, with the ability to drill down for more details. It’s a great bird’s eye view!

           district campus report


New Quick Links on the Home Screen

We’ve done some reorganizing of the Home Screen links for your convenience, making it easier to get to those tools you use in the middle of class with no prep time. You’ll now see quick links to launch On-the-Fly clickers and your Document Camera right at the top on that first screen. Also, check out the new link called “7 Tips for Data Driven Instruction” – there are some great time-saving and engaging ideas there!

          home screen


Easier Adding of Individual Students for Campus Admins

Admins now have an easier way to add individual incoming students to their campus roster, by clicking the “Add” button in the Campus Students area of their account. As always, they can  import a CSV file if there are several to do at once, but this is a convenient way to handle the ongoing trickle of incoming students.

            add students


And Much, Much More!
Dozens more small changes and fixes are now live as well, like updates to ALL In Learning’s compatibility with new browser versions, Mastery Process student-selection improvements, a new PLC “Show district common assessment only” setting, and numerous interface improvements.