September 28th, 2016

These great new improvements and features are now live!


PLCs Can Now Have Members From Other Campuses
Campus admins can now add teachers from across their district to PLCs on their campus!

This feature is in the PLC Campus Admin’s account under Administration > PLC / Data Teams > Add/Edit Team Members > Add Teachers.


Then in the bottom section, type letters from the desired teacher’s name and select them!


New “Student Non-Proficiency by Standard” Report
By request, this new report allows teachers to enter a proficiency level and see students who scored at or below that level on any standard that was covered on the assessment. (Note in the image below that some students being shown scored above 70% overall, but were below proficiency on one or more specific standards.)


If you select students and click “Print,”


… they get a printout like this!

“Log In With Clever” Login Button
We’re always trying to make it easier to log into ALL In Learning every day by providing more options to set up one-click logins. New to the list is the “Log In with Clever” button for teachers who use the Clever Dashboard.



“Add Standards to All Questions” in the Lesson/Assessment Editor
In the Lessons/Assessments Editor interface, we’ve added an “Add Standards To All Questions” button for your convenience.


Plus Much, Much More …
Every few weeks we update ALL In Learning to make things work more smoothly and responsively, and to fix reported problems. In this release we’ve improved text boxes and adding images to questions and slides in the editor,  fixed an issues with importing ExamView tests with rubrics and reactivating rubric assessments after adding new students, and corrected an error message first-time users were sometimes seeing in their reports tab.