Thursday March 15th, 2018

These great new improvements and features are now live!

Engage & Learn Web Clicker

Teachers can launch a clicker session and in addition to being able to use clickers, students can now respond instantly using Chromebooks, computers, tablets, or phones.

For example, with no prep beforehand, a teacher can select “Use ALL In Response On-the-Fly” in their Home tab and ask the class a question spontaneously. Students logged into will see the clicker session started and be able to select answers just as if they had a clicker.


Their answers will be received instantly and teachers can give immediate feedback or decide to spend more time teaching a concept. It’s formative assessment at its easiest!

More details on using Web Clicker >>

Multiple Correct Answers!

When creating assessments, you can designate more than one answer to a question. You’ll then be prompted to choose whether students will only be counted as correct if they select all of the correct answers or if they can select any of them.

All grading methods within ALL In Learning support multiple correct answers except clickers.

Please see this article for more important information on this big new feature! 

More information on this important feature>>

“Responses Export” Report

By request from Fort Worth ISD, this report makes it easy to export students’ IDs and raw responses for every question.


Progress Testing Items Now Aligned to Florida Standards

That’s right, Florida educators! Progress Testing items within ALL In Learning are now pre-mapped to Florida standards! Life just keeps getting easier.


Plus Other Improvements!

As always, we have several headline-worthy upgrades and then lots of smaller fixes and upgrades as well, like improvements in the Aggregated reports tab interface, Item Bank tagging, district Standards Analysis reports, printing passages, text handling on question slides, and others.