Thursday March 7th, 2019

These features and improvements are now live!

Progress Tracker Improvements
We’re making two significant changes to the Progress Tracker. First, it will no longer be a narrow column on the right side of the Sessions screen. It will become a left-side menu item which opens to its own page, allowing better detail.


Second, when any session is ended, you will be prompted about adding the session to the Progress Tracker.

The tracker makes frequent data and intervention easy and these changes should help make this impactful, unique tool more convenient than ever!

For more information on using the Progress Tracker, see this article.


Return of the Simple Slider for Rubric Grading
By popular request, the slider is coming back! You’ll see it in the Question Type menu as “Student Work (Grade with a Slider)” and the name of the new Rubric is “Student Work (Grade with a Rubric).”


For more information on Rubrics and sliders, see this article.


Rubric View Scrolling for Larger Rubrics
Some rubrics are very detailed and take up a lot of screen area. We’ve made the view scrollable to accommodate this while staying readable.


Plus More!
With every release, we also fix and improve lots of things. This time, we fixed a bug caused by new users signing up and not entering a key, a scrolling issue in admins’ sessions reports, we stopped AWARE imports from overwriting user-created class tags, fixed a class tag deletion bug, fixed a rubric printing problem, and fixed a bug that made a folder tab disappear. We also improved the Item Bank Featured Items UI.