Thursday April 25th, 2019

These features and improvements are now live!

New Student Portal Layout
If your students use Engage & Learn or Remediations in the Student Portal (at, let them know the visual layout and ease of use have been improved. The main thing they need to know is that the tabs have been moved from the top to the left side.  



New Assessment Security Options for Chromebooks and Student Devices
Engage & Learn activations now give you options to add time limits to assessments, scramble questions, and to lock students out of the assessment if they leave the assessment screen to access other tabs or applications.


The time limit restricts access to the assessment outside of the time window, and while taking the assessment, students will see a timer countdown, which they can choose to hide.


The “kick out” security setting will lock students out if they click outside the assessment window and notify them they have to ask their teacher to regain access. If they attempt to re-enter the assessment, you will have the choice to allow it or not.



Exit Tickets, Ready to Use!
In the Lessons Assessments tab, you’ll see the new Exit Tickets portal! Here you’ll soon find ready-to-use exit tickets for math and ELA, linked to standards, so that your team can easily engage students at the end of class and get vital data with Clickers, Chromebooks, student devices, or bubble sheets and fix comprehension problems the next day.



Use Chromebooks Live with Exit Tickets and Challenge Boards
You can now push Challenge Board questions, Exit Ticket questions, and any other questions in ALL In Learning out to Chromebooks and other student devices during teacher-paced assessments.

Fun Activities Game Boards Now Searchable
It’s now easier to find Challenge board games for cash to play with your class based on the standards you want to assess or review.


Slider-Type Rubrics on Phones and Tablets
In our last release, we reintroduced slider-type rubric grading on our site to go along with our grid-style rubrics. Slider-type rubric grading is now available again for ASSIST on Apple and Android phones and tablets.  


Plus Much More!
In addition to these new changes, we’ve fixed problems with Engage & Learn, PDF Assessments, emails sent via the Student Portal, the admin student-merge tool, printing of the Student Feedback by Standard Report, the ASSIST Office365 Sign In button, Tracker “drag” handles disappearing after searching for sessions, re-activate and remediation badges, the district admin Student Analysis tab, and item bank passages, and added the ability to add sessions to the Progress Tracker in ASSIST.