NEW FEATURES & UPGRADES: Better PDF Assessment Views, District Admin “Login As” Ability, District Item Banks Tab, Plus More!

NEW FEATURES & UPGRADES: Better PDF Assessment Views, District Admin “Login As” Ability, District Item Banks Tab, Plus More!
December 19, 2019 Joel Dennis

Thursday December 19th, 2019

These features and improvements are now live!

District Admins can “Login As” Teachers
If a teacher leaves a district assessment active and doesn’t click “End Session,” district admins used to have to jump through hoops to get their data. Now, district admins can “Login As” that teacher the way campus admins can, and end the session. They can get to this “Login As” feature in three places in their district admin account:

  • In the “Unfinished Assessments” section of the distribution management page
  • In the “Distributed To” list on the distribution management page
  • Under their new “Teachers & Admins” tab

District Admin Item Banks Tab
District admins now have their own district Item Banks tab. They’ll be able to see item banks the district has created, that have been designated for district use only, AND see all the banks assigned to schools within their district.


Students Can Review Missed PDF Questions
If a teacher has chosen the setting allowing students to review question slides after completing an assessment, this didn’t work for PDF tests. Now it does!

Additionally, teachers will be able to see the PDF assessment by going to Actions->Slideshow in their Lessons/Assessments tab. Special thanks to Atlanta Public Schools and others who requested this feature!

Plus More!

  • Improved the way Engage & Learn handles poor or intermittent internet connections. 
  • Fixed problem in Sessions tab where, when no reports are selected, clicking “Compare Selected” button caused a spinner.
  • Fixed issue in Active Sessions list where assessments showed when report had been deleted.
  • Fixed problem preventing deletion of multiple attachments at once.
  • Fixed issue in Student Portal where, when presenting an assessment using a Paper Copy, the student still saw the button to “View Question.” 
  • Fixed problem with scrolling on a data archive report.
  • Progress Tracker’s “delete” button changed to “actions,” with Delete and Post to Student Portal sub-options. 
  • Teachers can now change student PadID number assignments after pausing an On the Fly clicker session and resuming that session will work with updated PadIDs.
  • Placeholder questions now default (and display) as zero point weighting as they should.