Thursday March 5th, 2020

These features and improvements are now live!


More Scanning Options

When you choose to scan bubble sheets, you’ll see a prompt giving you the option to try our new browser-only scanning option, which enables scanning in other browsers (like Edge, Safari, and Firefox), scanning with Chromebooks, and scanning without having to install any browser plugin or extension! 

Upgrades to the Student Portal (Engage & Learn)

  • New design for passages to be viewed with related questions answerable on the slide.
  • The new response panel at the right is the consistent place students can answer questions.
  • “Previous” and “Next” navigation buttons at the top allow clear navigation
  • “Show Summary” allows students to see all their answers and jump to questions.
  • “Espanol” button will reveal the spanish translation of the passage.

Updated Clicker Interface

All of our clicker screens have been updated and enhanced for a more pleasing appearance that should be easier for students to get used to and read.


View Student Work in Reports

Several reports now have a convenient way to view student work (essays, for example) submitted with student devices.


Sub-Group Report Update

By popular request, we’ve now added the numbers of students in sub-group report “buckets,” rather than only showing percentages. We’ve also given District Admins the ability to view district sub-group reports.


New Demographic Status: Continuously Enrolled

We’ve added a new demographic setting for schools to track those students who are not continuously enrolled.



Updated Assessment Distribution Screen for Campus Admins and Team Leaders

 Campus admins and team leaders, when you choose to distribute an assessment to your team, you’ll see a new easier-to-navigate screen layout



Plus More…

  • Improvements to spanish translations of passages
  • Distributed assessment remediation date range settings can now be changed
  • Fixed bug in Domain 1 assessment selection
  • Fixed “apply to all” UI quirk in Edit Key & Standards
  • Fixed problem involving sorting by date in some reports
  • Fixed “sort by date” issue in distributed assessments list view
  • Default tags “Any Subject,” “Any Grade” now “Other Subject,” “Other Grade”
  • Better handling of attempts to remediate a remediation
  • Improved syncing of demographics from Focus
  • Fixed bug involving adding students to roster after starting rubric grading