NEW FEATURES & UPGRADES: Assessment time limits, text-to-speech updates, Domain 1 for TX teachers and campus admins, “Show Question” button on Item Analysis reports, plus more!

NEW FEATURES & UPGRADES: Assessment time limits, text-to-speech updates, Domain 1 for TX teachers and campus admins, “Show Question” button on Item Analysis reports, plus more!
December 15, 2020 Joel Dennis

Assessment Time Limits

In addition to being able to set a start and end date window for an assessment to be activated by teachers or started by students, you can now set a time limit that starts for each student when they begin the test.


Students will be able to see or hide the timer on their screen.


They will have until the timer expires to submit their finished assessment, or only the questions they completed will be submitted.  


Text to Speech Updates

Our new Text to Speech feature has been upgraded to read text in imported PDF documents (though not text that is part of images).

By default, your IEP students will be able to highlight text and hear it read aloud, but you can make this feature available for everyone. IEP status is based on the demographic data in your Classes tab indicating IEP, which teachers can add. See this article for more information>>



TX Domain Reports for Teachers and District Admins

Texas schools are deeply impacted by how they perform according to Texas Domain reports, which can be incredibly complex and time-consuming to calculate. ALL In Learning makes tracking school domain performance automatic. Now, district admins can choose reports to include in Domain tracking and when a campus admin designates an assessment for Domain reporting, teachers whose classes took that assessment will get to view their Domain data under Reports > Campus Performance. 



“Show Questions” Button in Item Analysis Reports

We’ve added a “Show Question” button for each question in Item Analysis reports enabling teachers and campus admins to reference the question when looking at the question response chart distribution chart. Great for reviewing class performance on questions with the class!

This is available wherever the Item Analysis report can be found – Sessions tab, Aggregated tab, etc. 




This update also includes these fixes and updates:

  • Updated student portal remediation feature to support student view of questions from a PDF test.
  • Update enabling users to edit/modify appearance and text in addition to answers and settings of item bank questions.
  • Updated UI to alert user when distributing or activating a test with inserted video(s) AND with the security “kickout” feature enabled that it is not supported.
  • Updated Student Group Performance reports to show performance categories for Whole Assessment Score. Thanks for this excellent request, APS!
  • Fixed bug causing “Show Question” button not to display next to question 1 of a remediation if it was the first question on the test.
  • Fixed bug causing error when student tries to launch a test that has expired
  • Fixed issue with updating of District Reports data.
  • Fixed bug causing PLC Aggregated Student Proficiency report not to display.
  • Fixed bug causing Focus SIS users to see 2 linked-assessments listed when multiple classes have the same assignment.
  • Fixed bug causing On-the-Fly sessions not to display on district admins’ “ALL Reports” and campus admins’ “Sessions” views.
  • Fixed bug causing assessment list to repeat while scrolling if the user had too many folders. 
  • Fixed bug causing some questions not to show when mixed with TEI questions.
  • Fixed bug causing changes to campus Econ Disadvantage setting not to be reflected in views of past reports.