NEW FEATURES & UPGRADES: Campus Early Warning Dashboard, Clicker Interface Update, plus more!

NEW FEATURES & UPGRADES: Campus Early Warning Dashboard, Clicker Interface Update, plus more!
May 6, 2022 Joel Dennis

Campus Formative Dashboard

The Campus Formative Dashboard gives campus admins real-time early warnings on progress by grade and subject, utilizing your historical data and goals. Spot problems at a glance and easily drill down to take quick effective action. 


The Campus Formative Dashboard will display on the home screen when a campus admin logs in. If we don’t yet have historical and goal data for your dashboard, Contact Us to get it set up for free!


To learn more, see this article.


Clicker Interface Update

Instead of staying blue after receiving a response, students’ feedback numbers now go back to white after 3 seconds so that it isn’t obvious to the class who has responded and who hasn’t yet.


Teachers can still watch the Vote Count box to see when all present students have responded.


Mississippi: “Promising 25” Demographic 

Schools in Mississippi can now designate students with the “Proming 25” demographic for  demographics reports.


Plus More!

  • Upgraded: Wherever standards can be selected, only the user’s preferred standards show now, with an option to “Show All.”
  • Upgraded: Leading-edge security infrastructure additions.
  • Upgraded: “View Question” button for rubric questions across all reports.
  • Fixed: Printing issues in Non-Proficient Students report,
  • Fixed: Printing issues in question editor, comparing reports.
  • Fixed: Apostrophe in the title of a clicker activation caused issues.
  • Fixed: Problems with search function in Item Banks tab.
  • Fixed: Issues with attached audio files in student portal.
  • Fixed: Item Analysis report sometimes showing error screen.
  • Fixed: Admin Item Analysis and Student Analysis reports sometimes showing an error screen.
  • Fixed: Student portal PDF assessments better handling special characters in file names.
  • Fixed: Adding multiple assessments to accountability reports could create multiple seperate reports.
  • Fixed: If students mark up an instructional slide (no question), the teacher annotation view would show the changes saved on the following question.
  • Fixed: Class Comprehension by Standard report wrongly color-coding scores of 100 red instead of green.