Student Portal Upgrades

5 new Student Tools have been added or updated in the Student Portal:


Mark Questions for Review
Students can mark a question for review later, then return to it. 


Highlight Text in Passages or Questions
Students can temporarily highlight sections of text for their own reference in processing a question.



Zoom In/Out for Passage and Question Text
Students can zoom in and out to make viewing easier. 



Students can look up words in this dictionary while answering questions. This tool is optional at the time the assessment is activated.



Line Reader
Students can easily select lines of text as a visual aid, using their arrow-down and arrow-up keys as they go. 



Flat Panel Interactives

A Flat Panel Interactive (previously known as a “Growth Suite”) is a new type of content used to teach, engage, and/or review a specific standard. It has up to 20 questions with answer options efficiently presented on one slide so the teacher can allow students to complete the activity on their own using student devices or clickers in an engaging setting. 

You’ll see our library of Flat Panel Interactives grow quickly to cover the most-assessed core standards!




Plus More!
We’ve also made these improvements, updates, and fixes:

  • Updated: Major improvement to speed of loading blueprints
  • Updated: Support for improved real-time clicker monitoring feature in ASSIST (coming soon to Google Play and the App Store)
  • Updated: Support for Google’s changes to Google Sign-In (Google Identity Services)
  • Updated: New Super User district admin account type
  • Fixed: Show informational alert screen when teacher not in any PLCs attempts to distribute and assessment
  • Fixed: Error caused by allowing attempts to remediate of a remediation. 
  • Fixed: Rare problem manually grading some TEI questions
  • Fixed Prompt dialog correction when user has chosen assessment and class for which 2 reports already exist