New Technology-Enhanced Question Type: Hot Text

We’re continually updating our TEI types and features to help students prepare for tests. So, we’re thrilled to introduce … Hot Text! 

Hot Text questions require a student to directly click the correct word or phrase in the text presented to them. 

Learn more about this and other question types in this helpdesk article.


Updates to Drag-and-Drop and HybridTE Questions

To save teachers time, Drag-and-Drop and HybridTE questions answered exactly correctly by the student will be automatically graded as correct. 

Additionally, Drag and Drop questions can have answers that span the width of the window to better support ELA type questions.


Plus More!
We’ve also made these updates and fixes:

  • Updated: Performance improvements for when Drag and Drop questions have lots of Drag and Drop options
  • Updated: Performance improvement to Math Equation questions
  • Updated: Groundwork for future custom student tagging project for states and districts
  • Updated: Groundwork for coming updates to Texas STAAR Accountability reports
  • Fixed: Issues with resizing Drag and Drop boxes
  • Fixed: Bug where HybridTE dropdown list options could get duplicated
  • Fixed: Bug with the activation window for prescriptions