ALL In Cloud


  • Drive presentations with your own lessons and presentations
  • Import from Powerpoint
  • Add spaced formative assessments
  • Easily share your presentations with colleagues
  • Use assessment content from your textbook or one of our content partners


  • Engage your students using ALL In Learning or compatible clickers.
  • Make in-the-moment decisions on whether or not to re-teach
  • Capture daily and ongoing performance data by standard
  • Conduct daily Exit Tickets, Bell Ringers, Do Nows and DOLs


  • Score student assessments immediately via compatible doc cam, phone, or  – save time and eliminate delayed results
  • Conduct short answer and rubric assessments and easily score them in ALL In Learning
  • Use student 1:1 devices for individualized and paper-free testing


  • Students by: Question, Standard
  • Class results by: Standard, Question, Students
  • PLC results to identify best practices by: Teacher, Standard, Question


  • Time on scoring, analyzing and regrouping
  • Money on paper and printing by laminating bubble sheets or using sheet protectors and dry or wet erase markers
  • No more batteries with ALL In Learning AIR LEAF or AIR ECO clickers


  • You know which students need help
  • You know where students are struggling
  • You now have TIME to help the struggling students and haven’t exhausted yourself in the process

 ALL In Cloud Annual Pricing Per Campus

  • 10 teachers $2500
  • 15 teachers $3050
  • 20 teachers $3600
  • 30 teachers $4150
  • 40 teachers $4700
  • 50 teachers $5250
  • 50+ teachers $5800

With ALL In Learning, teachers finally have a tool to capture the daily data they need for data-driven instruction, immediate feedback, ongoing data analysis, PLCs, and much more!