Amplify Reading & ALL In Learning

Using Amplify? ALL In Learning can provide:


  • Ready-to-use unit assessments, plus exit tickets
  • Full standards alignment
  • Immediate, actionable data and standards-progress monitoring for all stakeholders
    • Full-featured assessment – easy for students & streamlined for teachers
    • MC, Constructed Response, TEI
    • Ability to customize & distribute
    • Data accessible all in one place

Actionable Data for All Stakeholders

District and campus instructional leaders, teachers, students, and (optionally) families all get immediate feedback data and standards progress monitoring to help students grow and overcome barriers.



Variety and Rigor

We’ve partnered with districts that use Amplify and loaded the unit assessments and exit tickets. If you license Amplify we can load these for you.

In ALL In Learning, these assessments can be modified and distributed as district assessments.

Below are examples of Multiple Choice, Constructed Response, and some of our Technology Enhanced Item formats.

Instant Grading and Engagement

Student Devices

Varied, easy ways to use Chromebooks, tablets, and more to engage, assess, and get immediate data.


Instant Scanning

Teachers can scan with their phones for instant grading, saving hours and getting instant data to act on.

ALL-In Response

Use uncomplicated clickers in engaging new ways for instant grading and checks for understanding.