Increase student engagement and data to quickly identify struggling students — without exhausting teachers.

Every Student Has a Voice

Every student can participate without fear of embarrassment, get immediate feedback, and have a sense of ownership of their progress every day.

Instant Grading and Engagement

Instant Scanning

Teachers can scan with their phones for instant grading, saving hours and getting instant data to act on.


Use clickers for in-the-moment data and engagement in new ways without preparation, distractions, or difficulty.

Student Devices

Varied, easy ways to use Chromebooks, tablets, and more to engage, assess, and get immediate data.

The Best Tool for SEL Check-Ins

We make Social-Emotional checks fast, so you can get data at key points throughout the day without losing instructional time.

We ensure students feel safe and private, so they can be honest.

And SEL data is reported alongside academic performance data.

Make SEL check-ins easy for teachers to launch and collect data with student devices or with fast, distraction-free, complication-free clickers.

Daily data from every student across your district is really possible.

Make it easy for teachers, get early warnings, and monitor standards progress.



Easy Formative and Summative Assessment

  • From formative daily data to summative
  • Distribute by grade, subject, tag, lists
  • Security options, dates, timed testing
  • Robust reporting, definable cut scores
  • Remediation capabilities
  • District rubric library
  • Variety of easy ways to create assessments
  • Variety of easy assessment/grading methods

Eureka! Easier.

Utilize easy-to-grade exit tickets mapped to Eureka Math modules for 2nd-5th grades, perfect for daily engagement and data using clickers, student devices, or instant bubble sheet scanning.

Power Teacher Pro Sync

After saving time with ALL In Learning’s uniquely easy grading tools, teachers can sync the data into Power Teacher Pro in seconds.

See the export demonstrated in this short video →


Early Warnings. Real-Time Monitoring.

    • One platform, making data from engagements and formative activities available to instructional leaders.
    • Formative Data Dashboard helps you spot problems when they start.
    • Standards Progress Tracker lets you monitor coverage and growth.
    • Accountability reports do state calculations for you all year, so you can focus on solutions. (TX)
    • Easily capture data from daily classroom activities with multiple time-saving methods.

Formative data from every classroom is really possible.

We can help you provide convenient links for your teachers to launch engaging, instantly-scored formative assessments from your lessons, curriculum, district C&I calendars, and/or scope and sequence.


  • “In hybrid classes where I’ve struggled to get 100% participation, All In Learning has been amazing. I can show problems to all students and get feedback instantly and go over misconceptions.”
  • “All In Learning is a hit with our PLC … the data seems to compile itself.”
  • “I literally use ALL In Learning in class every day to gather content mastery data.”
  • “We can quickly and easily analyze data and make changes to our instruction… we spend time where they need help not on topics they already understand.”
  • “ALL In Learning has transformed the way we do exit tickets in my classroom.”

“When implemented well, formative assessment can effectively double the speed of student learning.” – Dylan Wiliam

Uniquely helpful for these strategies:


✔ Blended Learning

✔ Inclusion

✔ Remote & Hybrid Learning

✔ Digital Classroom

✔ Social Emotional Learning


✔ Synchronous Learning

✔ Asynchronous Learning

✔ Accessibility and Equity


✔ Digital Citizenship


✔ Personalized Learning

✔ Formative Assessment

✔ Student Engagement

✔ Response to Intervention

✔ Data-Driven Instruction


PLC Collaboration 

  • Spot misconceptions & struggling students with instant, collated PLC reports
  • Reduce stress with quick data cycles
  • Identify best instructional practices
  • Share and collaborate easily
  • Analyze and plan with Mastery Process


“The data seems to compile itself.  We’re able to compare classes and discuss strengths and weaknesses with data.  The same information the administration requested is now truly at our fingertips.” – Amy, 8th Grade Math, FL

“We’re able to run the test, grade the test, and reteach all within the same class period. We have all our data right here.” – Ardelle, Science Teacher, TX

Class Time is Precious

Identify opportunities to accelerate or quickly remediate. Keep students focused and paying attention with immediate feedback and help each day. Give teachers tools that save time grading and entering data, so they can focus on student learning.

Results in Outcomes

Growth-minded schools that have adopted ALL In Learning have increased scores an average of 24.5% on state tests – 98% more than other schools in the same timeframe.




Over 1.3 BILLION Questions Answered

Districts and schools large and small have increased data monitoring and responsiveness while making life easier for teachers.

These are some example of our users (many not represented here per non-endorsement policies):


Online State Test Prep

      • Full-featured online testing
      • Easy to create & distribute
      • Security features
      • Uncomplicated for students
      • 70,000+ items, exit tickets, module-mapped assessments.

99.99% Uptime

Accessibility and reliability.

Be Remote-Ready

Remote learning should allow students to easily be engaged and participate while giving educators up-to-date accountability and progress data and evidence for intervention.

ALL In Learning makes it convenient, flexible, and actionable.

Large, Infrequent Assessment

Helps students acquire test-taking skills

High stress for students and teachers

Reveals misconceptions that may have become ingrained

Evidence of progress available to leaders infrequently

Number of questions per standard limited due to test length

Gives students a looming future assessment to prepare for

May reveal missed opportunities where time should have been spent in a different way

Small, Frequent Assessment

Helps student learning of tested concepts

Low stress for students and teachers

Reveals misconceptions early, before becoming ingrained

Evidence of progress available to leaders continuously 

Granular body of data for each standard trending over time 

Gives students frequent feedback and ownership of progress

Reveals opportunities where students are ready to move on more quickly than expected

Technology Enhanced Items

It’s easy to make your questions technology enhanced.

We support drag and drop, short and extended text responses, match table grids, multipart, multiple selection, multiple choice, passage based, true and false, inline choice, drawing, and more.

Loads of Content – Yours or Ours!

Besides helping you embed your team’s formative assessments and get data more easily than ever, we also offer thousands of ready-to-use assets aligned to the standards your teachers need to assess the most, including exit tickets, quizzes, games, and item banks.



District SIS rostering, gradebook imports, and single sign-on make your team more efficient and connected.

We integrate with these providers plus more →

We can make your curricula formative-rich.

  • Conveniently integrate formative assessments into every lesson plan, scope & sequence, so data is showing up in your admin dashboard every day.
  • Monitor real-time reports on daily curriculum performance.
  • Get early warnings about problems and misconceptions.
  • Easily make your resources technology enhanced.
  • Access 70,000+ standards-aligned items, plus pre-authored Formative-Rich lessons, exit tickets, games, and passages.
  • District asset hosting. 
  • Formative Curriculum Enrichment service can provide hands-on assistance.



Over 1.3 BILLION Questions Answered

Distance Learning

  • Real-time engagement and formative questions during remote sessions
  • Use easily with Zoom, Teams, and Meet
  • Live engagement, feedback, and accountability
  • Mix methods for hybrid settings 



District SIS rostering, gradebook imports, and single sign-on make your team more efficient and connected.

We integrate with these providers plus more →

Common Formative Assessment Data

How easy is it for teachers?

1. Click a link.

It’s easy to embed convenient links for teachers to launch engaging formative assessments.

2. Grade instantly.

Easy, time-saving options! Students love clickers. Grade in seconds with a phone. Chromebooks and tablets are easier than ever.

3. See data!

Easy-to-read color reports let you (and your teachers) immediately identify struggling students or issues and proactively help.

Student Engagement

Research  shows student engagement and immediate feedback are the most effective strategies for student growth.  We make it easier than ever.

    • Pre-authored games and activities by standard
    • Flexible, no-prep engagement options
    • Reports on engagement activities
    • Live or remote
    • No silos. One platform with various easy methods produce collated, actionable data