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ALL In Learning’s instructional platform “PLUS” revolutionizes how instruction can be presented, accessed and stored. Teachers no longer need to accept the limitations of a linear client-based software solution such as PowerPoint.

ALL In Learning is providing innovative, cloud-based services where teachers can easily create, manage, and share stunning presentations both within and beyond the walls of their school.

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Web Scan-It allows teachers to use any universal video compliant web or document camera to instantly grade student assessments, saving countless hours while gaining data critical to student achievement.


PLUS supports the creation of a variety of instructional and assessment strategies including the attachment of state or common core standards to your assessment instrument.


Your assessment instruments can include:
  • Multiple Choice (alternating answers to conform to state exams if you like)
  • Yes/No
  • True/False
  • Constructed Response
  • Rubric



Every Blueprint you create or obtain is stored securely on our servers. Only you, colleagues at your campus and the people you give access to, can view them.

All outcomes collected via your ASSIST app can be uploaded and stored in your PLUS Instruction Center (We call these Footprints)


Publish key instructional strategies (we call them Blueprints in your PLUS instruction center) to other teachers at your campus.


All outcomes collected via your ASSIST app area available for teachers, professional learning communities and administrators to evaluate with respect to academic progress of classes, campuses and districts.


Single Platform Instruction Delivery

PLUS combines everything needed to deliver instruction into a single platform. Teachers, curriculum designers and administrators can create and collaborate with colleagues, integrate dynamic materials and share instruction securely online.  The web-based platform allows for access to instruction anytime, anywhere.

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