Realtime Scanning

Score Bubble Sheets Live

ALL In Learning’s scanning solutions empowers teachers to score student bubble sheets live, in the classroom, and immediately intervene with the student if they so choose.  Using compatible doc/webcams, iOS camera devices, and Android devices (summer 2015), scanning has never been easier.  Many schools have purchased the ALL In Learning Doc Cam for $35 – it is a nice document camera and great grading station!

Print up the student bubble sheets in ALL In Learning.  Each student bubble sheet comes with a QR code unique to that student and NOT the test.  Thus, the bubble sheets are re-usable if they are laminated or put into sheet protectors.

Next, create an answer key or generate a test from the Item Bank.  Administer the assessment and scan instantly!  The time savings is great but the elimination of delayed results is the true game changer!  What is the first question students ask after any test, “What is my score?”  Not only are you empowered to tell the students their score but also you can direct them to any missed questions immediately! 

By the way, if you are in a PLC, create the assessment and share it with your team.  Only one of you has to create the answer key/assessment in ALL In Learning and all team members can benefit.

Teachers have scanned millions of questions with ALL In Learning and the data collected and immediate turn around to students is transformative.  Of course, all of the data collected rolls into the item bank for ongoing tracking and analysis.

Realtime Scanning

Teachers Save an Average of 10 Hours Per Week with Our Scanning Solution!