Student Engagement and Accountibility with Zoom and Teams Integration

Make participation easier for remote students.
Make student engagement and accountability easier for teachers.

Can you find the teacher? She can’t tell if he’s paying attention or not. She won’t know where he needs help until she assesses him somehow.

This teacher asks questions and requires every student to answer throughout her lessons. She gets consistent data, tracks growth, and holds students accountable immediately whether in class, at home, or both.

It’s simple.

  1. Teacher launches clickers “On the Fly,” pasting in the link to their live session.
  2. Students click “Launch Clicker” and “Join Session.”

The WebClicker will be on the left, ready to respond!

Works with in-class and remote students, with clickers or web clickers, at the same time.

No prep or content creation needed and no extra grading.

Use any content you want, spontaneously: Use websites, documents, doc cams, white board, or just speak questions verbally.