We Love It

"We love it and use it often in both biology and chemistry! The kids have responded even better than I had expected to the program! They look forward to what new type of assessment they will get to do in class!" Stev’anne Horton Katy ISD

Really Impressed

"I echo what Matt has said about the data team process using All In’s Mastery Learning process. We have really enjoyed it so far. I showed the Mastery Process to one of our AP’s on Wednesday and he was really impressed with how easy it was to collect data and...

My Mastery Percentage Went Up

My mastery percentage went up about 10% across all of my classes once I started using the clickers. (A letter grade!) ALL In makes my life so much easier. Thank you. So many teachers are trying to get it at Pinkston now and wish they had it. Thanks again for all of...