NEW FEATURES & UPGRADES: Engage & Learn, Standards-Based Student Feedback Report, and More

NEW FEATURES & UPGRADES: Engage & Learn, Standards-Based Student Feedback Report, and More
May 15, 2012 Joel Dennis

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Tuesday May 15th, 2012

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BIG NEWS: Engage & Learn is in the App Store

Our long-awaited iOS app for students is finally out! Engage & Learn lets students view content slides and do assessments at their own pace right on the device. They can even scan their own bubble sheets. Whether you have a device for every student or just a couple for the class, whether you want in-class testing or take-home quizzes, Engage & Learn is so simple and fun to use, your students will be addicted.


Easy for teachers:

In your PLUS account, activate a blueprint and select the Engage & Learn option. You can have your students scan bubble sheets, or answer right on the device to save time and paper. You can also choose to have them see their scores, questions they missed for studying, and other preferences.

Even easier for students:

No access codes or logins are needed — students are recognized by their QR code, and the interface is straightforward and simple.

For more information and a try-it-now walkthrough, visit:

These other great improvements are now available, too!

Standards-Based Student Feedback Report

Our Student Feedback Report lets you print a one-page summary of missed questions for each student, and due to the requests of users in Madison County, GA, we’ve added a similar report that will organize missed questions by standard to help students know what they need to work on. To access it, click on a footprint in PLUS and go to Student Analysis — Student Feedback By Standard. Select the students who need remediation, click “Create PDF,” print the downloaded file and hand students their individual reports. Also great for parent/teacher conferences!

Adding Standards to All Questions in Edit Key Mode

To add standards to an assessments after it’s delivered, go to the Footprints tab, click the Actions menu by the footprint, choose “Edit Key,” and click “Add Standards” next to a question. And now, for extra convenience, we’ve added the “Apply Standards to All Questions” button to this feature so you don’t have to do it question by question!

Other Fixes and Improvements

The elves are always busy in our workshop, and besides the major releases many smaller improvements were made in browser and operating system consistency, the grading interface, and how reports are displayed.

ALL In Tips and Tricks

Jump right to the standards you are looking for with this hidden browser trick!
Every browser has a built in tool for finding text on a page. Use this to speed up searching for standards after you navigate to the right subject and grade, by hitting CTRL-F in Windows, or command-F on a Mac. The following image shows what it looks like in Chrome:

That’s it for this edition of ALL In News. If you would like more information on how to use any of the features listed here, please feel free to shoot me an email or call!